4th of July Pet Safety

During the 4th of July there are many unusually loud and unfamiliar noises, such as fireworks, that can cause your pet to become extremely stressed. When pets are stressed and afraid they tend to act out in ways that are unexpected.

To keep your pets safe this 4th of July keep them indoors. Bringing them to an unfamiliar place with a large crowd to see a firework display will only increase their anxiety. If you do plan on leaving them outside and unattended make sure that all gates, fences, and walls are secure. Weak spots in your yard can cause injury or allow your pet to escape when they are scared.

Be prepared for the unexpected. 4th of July is the day the most pets go missing than any other day of the year. Check that your pet’s collar is secure and that the tags are readable. Have your pet microchipped so if they do get out that they can be scanned by a veterinarian or animal control and be linked to your contact information. Also take a current picture of your pet. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to go out and look for your pet it will be helpful to have a current photo.

If you are having a 4th of July celebration at home there are many safety measures to consider. Put up all lighter fluid and matches where your pet cannot reach them. Prevent using insect repellent and sunscreen that is made for humans on pets. There are chemicals in them that can cause serious harm to your pet. Keep an eye on any alcohol or food intended for your guest. Although pets appear to enjoy them they can be very harmful and run you up a pricy vet bill. Don’t get us wrong we love to see your pets but we prefer to see them when they are happy and healthy!

Keep in mind fear of fireworks is not limited to your household cat and dog. This is also an extremely stressful time for horses. Try to keep you routine consistent. It is best to stable your horse and double check that all doors and fences are secure, unless your horse is used to being outdoors. In this case being stabled may make them feel trapped and increase their anxiety. If the horse has a companion horse you can try to stable them together.

Playing soothing music or placing cotton balls in the horse ears can also help to drown out the noise of fireworks. Do not ride your horses during the time fireworks are set to go off. If your horse gets scared it can quickly become a dangerous situation for your horse and yourself.

For any further questions or concerns please contact us at 915-584-4491. Please keep in mind our clinic will be closed Friday July 4 and Saturday July 5. We will resume regular business hours Monday July 7.

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