Camping With Your Pet

Finally we are starting to see some cooler weather in El Paso! It is the perfect time to start getting outdoors more with your favorite four-legged family members. There are some important safety tips you need to keep in mind to make sure your hiking or camping trip is fun and safe for everyone.

Although the temperatures are dropping the sun is still in full force. Just like humans pets need sunscreen too. Always make sure that you purchase dog specific sunscreen. Sunscreen that is formulated for humans is toxic and can be more harmful than helpful.

While camping and hiking keep in mind you are going into an unfamiliar environment. Always make sure you pet is up-to-date on their vaccines to help prevent disease. Flea and tick prevention is crucial. Signs of fleas and ticks include constant scratching, hair loss, and black spots in fur. Not only are fleas and ticks irritating to your pets but they also carry many diseases. Remember that preventatives are also cheaper than treatment. Visit our online pharmacy or stop by our clinic to see which options would work best for your pet.

Even though you are in the outdoors it is still important to pick up after your pets. Droppings can carry and attract parasites spreading disease. If left near trails other dogs and people can come into contact with it. If left near streams or uphill rain water can carry it into a water sources infecting other animals that drink it.

It is also a good idea to pack a pet first aid kit. Many times our pets get into things in the outdoors beyond your control. A first aid kit can help you with treat any small wounds and help you sustain larger wounds until you are able to come see us. Here are some ideas on what to keep in your first aid kit: comb, bandages, vet wrap, butterfly bandages, waterproof surgical tape, duke tap, gauze squares, sterile nonstick pads, scissors, tweezers, razor, irrigation syringe, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, petroleum jelly, corn starch, saline solution, and emergency contact phone numbers. For more tips watch

Lastly make sure that you bring enough water, food, bedding, leash, reflective collar, and more than enough food. We highly recommend microchiping your pet before your trip if you have not already done so in the case that they wonder away.

If you have any questions, are in need of suggestions, or need to schedule your pet for their vaccines please call us at 915-584-4491.

By Monique Conway, Director of Public Contact 10/1/2014

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