Choosing the Right Pet

Getting a new pet can be really exciting! When choosing a new companion there are many factors to consider such as activity level, average life of pet, size of pet, and veterinary attention needed. What most people fail to consider is that certain breeds do require more veterinary care. There are some dogs that get genetic diseases, heart problems, hip issues, and breathing issues just to name a few.

Did you know according to El Paso Animal Services that about 18,000 dogs and cats are killed each year due to El Paso’s pet overpopulation problem? Although we always recommend spaying and neutering your pets to help El Paso combat pet overpopulation, certain breeds do require artificial insemination because they have trouble mating naturally. Certain breeds even have trouble giving birth naturally, such as Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, and Shih Tzus. We see many pets come to us in emergency situations because their pets have been in labor for too long. This can cause serious damage, and even death, to the mom and puppies.

In El Paso we have seen an increase in bulldogs. Most owners are not aware that these breeds are more prone to veterinary visits. Although we love to see your four-legged loved ones, we want to make sure our clients are aware of the possible increased care some breeds require.

Certain breeds have trouble breathing naturally due to their shortened snouts. These include Bulldogs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers. This is especially something to be concerned with living in El Paso where our summers reach well into hot temperatures. If you have a short snout breed of dog make sure that you are observing them when they engage in physical activity or if they are outside for a long period of time to make sure they do not overheat. These pets are not best suited for people with active lifestyles.

Some breeds are even prone to certain eye problems. It is common for us to see Sharpei, Shih Tzus, and Pugs who need entropion eye surgery. This occurs when a dogs eyelid appears to roll inward. It causes the dogs eyelids to rub against the eyeball causing sever irritation and can only be fixed with surgery. Another common eye problem we see is cherry eye. This is most commonly found in Bulldogs, Beagles, and Bloodhouds. Cherry eye is when the dogs third eyelid glad is damaged and appears to be popping out. We recommend getting surgery to fix the eye as soon as possible to limit damage.

We would love to see all pets in happy homes but want our clients to consider all aspects of getting a new pet. If you have any questions in regards to a certain breed of dog you are considering give us a call at 915-584-4491. Once you get a new pet stop by with them so we can do an exam and enter their vaccine history into our system. This will make sure you and your new pet are off to a happy healthy start.

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