Client of the Month (11/2016)

My Kids: Chocolate Labs (Lizzy, Victor and Max) Rottweilers (Valborga, Valeska, Velda, Zues, Plato) Huskies (Nika and Kira) and Blue Macaw is Paco.

Paws-n-hooves is our vet, after trying several in the area we have found a home, and even though we are in the process of moving out of town by 50 miles we are staying here. This month has been fun as we started off rescuing a Rottweiler and her pups. The two babies (Plato and Zues) needed their tails docked and I needed information on proper care for bottle feeding. Then the older Rottweilers (Valborga, Valeska, and Velda) tangled with a boar to protect the younger huskies (Nika and Kira), two required surgery to repair the damage and the other had puncture wounds to clean. Now, all the girls are doing great, stiches are out and wounds are healing well. The pups are still small for their age, but growing nicely!

Pets are like children, the more time, care, and love you put into them, the better they will be. Dogs (and birds) are only as good as the owners, so be responsible, be generous with love, and make sure they learn their manners.

Your staff is amazing! That is one of the reasons we stay with this vet service. It may take some time to wait for regular stuff like shots, but your emergency service is excellent. I would like to thank the doctor and staff for their efforts and patience, your team is amazing and we (parents) appreciate all your work and attention!

By Tricia VanVorce

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