Client of the Month (8/2016)

We brought Chico in because he was very sick. He was throwing up, not eating, and just lying around. We knew he was sick and had to see a Vet. Now Chico is doing great. He is happy, healthy, and playful again. We’re very happy too. I would say that if you see your pet isn’t themselves, or looks sick, don’t wait. Take them into the Vet and get them taken care of right away. It could save their life.

We were treated very good by the staff at Mesa Veterinary Clinic. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They really cared about our Chico. We are very grateful. I really want to thank Mesa Veterinary Clinic for all the care they gave to Chico. They always called and let me know how he was doing. They really care about your pet. I’m so thankful, and great full for everything they did for us. I would recommend them to everyone with a pet.

By Patricia Rios

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