Frequently Asked Questions about
Paws N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Services


What do I do when I arrive at the site?
–> We tend to have a lot of people arrive much earlier than when our mobile opens. Please line up according to who was there first, then 2nd, and so on.
Once the mobile does arrive, you will need to sign in to ONE (1) of our three lists.

If your pet is there for a surgery, you will sign in on the one labeled “SURGERIES”.

If your pet is there for vaccines, nail trim, pre-dental exam, or other services that do not require medical attention, you will sign in on the one labeled “HEALTHY PETS”.

If your pet is there because he/she is sick, you will sign in on the list labeled “SICK PETS”.

If you have never been to our mobile vet before, you are a new client, so please fill out our “NEW CLIENT” form, and bring it with you when it is your turn.

If you are there for a surgery, please fill out our “ANESTHESIA FORM”, and turn it in when you are called. If you are also new to the clinic, fill out a “NEW CLIENT” form, too.


Where do I find your updated schedule and location?
Open the camera on your phone. Then point your camera phone at our QR Code below, and the schedule with pricing will pop up for you on your phone.


Can I bring my pet in for surgery?
–> Yes, we do accept surgeries daily, which include neutering and spaying of cats & dogs. Once our slots are full, we cannot accept any more surgeries. If you are planning on bringing your pet in for a surgery, we advise you to arrive at the site much earlier than the opening time of the mobile, because the line does get long pretty quick.


Do you do pet dental cleanings?
Yes we do! Call us for details, or bring your pet in for a pre-dental exam.

What are your prices on dental cleanings?
–> Every pet has different dental needs, so we cannot give you an estimate until a doctor examines your pet. From there, they will provide you with a detailed estimate, and work with you to give the best care possible to your pet.

What are your prices on kitten neuters?
–> ALL prices for services at our mobile can be found here:
By pointing your camera phone at our QR code, and waiting a second for our schedule & pricing menu to pop up on your phone


How long is your wait?
–> We are working on a better way to serve you and your pets in regards to wait times, but for the moment, due to high demand, our wait time is still quite long. (anywhere from 30min to 6 hours)
After you sign in, you are not required to wait — we will call you when we get closer to your name on the list, giving you about 15-20min to return with your pet.
All surgeries must be there at the time we open. You will be dropping off your pet, and will be called once we’ve completed the surgery and your pet is ready to go home.