Halloween Costume Safety

Halloween is just a few weeks away! There are many things that make Halloween fun, but not all are safe for your pets. Keep these tips in mind this Halloween season to make it a fun, stress free time for everyone.

Carving pumpkins is a fun family activity to do before Halloween night. Our pets are often curious and want to know more the pumpkins that are left out. Make sure the pumpkins are left out of reach of pets. They can easily knock them over and start a fire if you are using a candle. To some pets pumpkins even sound appetizing. If eaten, pumpkin can cause diarrhea.

Will you be dressing you pet in costume this Halloween? Make sure you post a photo to our Facebook page, email us a photo, or come by with your pet in costume to enter our Annual Halloween Costume Contest! This year the winner will receive a free Looks for Less Package that includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, and fecal test. Keep in mind that all not pets like to be dressed in costumes. If your pet is uncomfortable do not force it on them and cause unnecessary stress. Also be cautions of small pieces on costumes that can become hazardous if eaten. Never leave your pet unattended when they are in a costume.

Trick or treating is a major part of Halloween and is also one of the most stressful parts of Halloween for pets. Make sure to keep candy out of reach of pets. Chocolate and xylitol (used in sugar free candy) is poisons to pets. Many pets are wary of strangers approaching the door. During the time of trick or treaters make sure you pet is in a secure place like a crate, bedroom, or backyard. Double check that there is now way for your pet to escape and a place that is comfortable for them. This will ensure your pet does not get scared and find a way to get out the door while your attention is focused on the trick or treaters. Be prepared for the worse case scenario and check that your pet’s collar is secure with names tags, as well as a microchip. Mesa Veterinary Clinic and Paws N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Services can microchip your pet.

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