Less Stressful Vet Visits


It is best to keep your cat’s carrier out in a room they spend their most time in. Adding some occasional cat nip to the inside of the carrier can make the pet more interested in it. The idea is that if it is something that they are used to being in and around they won’t be as scared when you bring it out come see us.

As you see in the video above it is really easy for cats to get motion sickness when being moved around in a carrier. To help with this you can cover the crate with a shirt or blanket so that they don’t see their world moving so rapidly and unfamiliar.


Come on a practice visit. Call us to see when a slow time is where you can bring your pet in and they can walk around the practice and even an exam room. Use treats and positive praise with your pet to reward their good behavior.

During your visit bring your pets favorite treats and/or toy to provide a positive distraction during the visit.

You can also work with your pet at home. You can gently play with and hold their feet, as well as looking into their ears, eyes and softly opening and looking in their mouth. By creating these situations in a fun nonthreatening way your pet may be more relaxed during the exam with our doctors.

Routine car rides are also another great thing to do building up to coming into the veterinary clinic. Start with short car rides around the block and build your way up to slightly longer rides. These car rides will help pets associate the car with something positive. To lessen stress during a car ride you can take your pet on a long walk or plan some extra play time prior to the car ride.

There are many things that can be done for both cats and dogs to make their veterinary visit less stressful. If this is something that concerns you and you have had no success with the above feel free to bring it up during your visit with our veterinarians.

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By Monique Conway, 7/2015

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