Peridontal Disease

Dogs and Cats build up dental tarter similar to humans.

Yet dogs and cats cannot brush their own teeth. It is up to us, as their caretakers and owners to either brush their teeth for them, or to provide periodic dental cleaning at a veterinary clinic.

Dental tartar and plaque are caused by a build up of food particles on the tooth. Some types of food (like canned and moist food) increase this build up. Some breeds of dogs (like poodles and chihuahuas) are more prone to dental disease.

Dental disease reduces your pet’s lifespan. Dental tartar and plaque hold a large amount of bacteria. That bacteria often goes to the heart, kidneys, and liver causing disease and death. The tartar also leads to gingivitis and receding gums which are very painful for your pet.

Dental cleaning for dogs and cats starts at $85. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Equine Dental Care:

Horses have teeth that erupt (or lengthen) throughout their life. Because of this, the shape of their mouth, and their method of chewing, they form razor-sharp points on the outsides of the upper teeth and the insides of the lower teeth resulting in pain and decreased performance. Floating is the act of filing these point down. At Mesa Veterinary Clinic we offer equine powerfloating which enables us to quickly and easily fix dental abnormalities.

Horses should have their teeth floated annually. It is very important to float 2 and 3 year old because they are going through a lot of change in their mouths with loosing baby teeth and gaining adult teeth and the sharp points that are formed can greatly inhibit training by causing pain to the horse’s mouth each time its head is turned. As horses age, they will tend to have progressively worse dental problems. Geriatric horses, especially, should be floated often to ensure proper digestion.

Floating prevents colic, enhances performance, and improves digestion!

Powerfloats start at $50.

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