Rainy Day Pet Care

Living in the El Paso desert we understand the importance of how much we need rain. This week we are expected to see a historic amount of rain! We know the desert is prepared for the rain, but what about our pets? Rain can leave your outdoor pets wet, cold and possibly scared.

Pets need shelter from the rain. This can be a dog house, a porch, or our favorite, in the house! It is best to have a dog house your dog can fit in standing up with room to stretch. Not only will the dog house protect them from the rain but it will help retain body heat to keep them warm. If you are in the market for a new dog house please visit our friends at Pet’s Barn. They would be more than happy to help you find the right dog house for your pet. A blanket is also necessary for additional warmth when the temperatures begin to drop with the rain. Remember the cost of a dog house and blanket is much cheaper than a vet bill for treating pneumonia.

Fear can get the best of any pet. Storms can cause a pet to get afraid and act out in ways you would never expect; like finding ways to get out of the yard. Once out they can become disorientated and lose their scene of direction and how to get home. Animal shelters see a significant increase of pets when the weather gets bad. Make sure your pet has a collar with updated contact information. We highly recommend microchips because they stay with your pet even when your pet’s collar may not. We can place microchips at any age. Microchips offer the best chances of getting your pet returned.

In the extreme case of flooding make sure that you have your pets supplies gathered and ready to go in an emergency. Place your carrier(s), leash (es), pet blanket(s), pet bed(s), food and water bowls together so that they are easy to get without forgetting anything. Also make sure you have a safe place to go with your pet such as a family member’s home, a friend’s home, or a pet friendly hotel.

Remember it is considered animal abuse to leave your pet without proper shelter. Report any suspected animal cruelty to El Paso Animal Services at 915-842-1000.

If you are in need of a microchip or have concerns about the condition of your pet call us at 915-584-4491 to schedule an appointment at Mesa Veterinary Clinic, or stop by the Paws N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Services! If you have an after-hours emergency always call us! If you don’t hear back in 5 minutes we recommend calling the El Paso Animal Emergency Center at 915-545-1148.

By Monique Conway, Director of Public Contact 9/17/2014

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