What is a microchip?

Microchips are small chip the size of a grain of rice that gets inserted under their coat between your pet’s shoulder blades. The microchip can be scanned by any veterinary clinic or animal services in the case that your pet goes missing. Your contact information can then be obtained and you can be reunited with your pet.

Why does my pet need a microchip if they already have a collar? Many times collars and/or tags get torn off during their escape from your home or during their time being curious. Since a microchip is placed under the skin there are no chances of it getting removed.

For puppies and kittens we recommend that you get your pet microchipped at 6 months of age at the same time of their spay and neuter procedure.

For older pets we recommended getting them microchipped as soon as possible. The microchip can be inserted during a routine visit and does not require anesthesia or for your pet to stay for a long period of time. Inserting the microchip is not harmful to the pet and can be compared to the same feeling as a pinch of your skin.

It is a city ordinance that all pets are required to be microchips. If your pet goes missing and is found to not have a microchip there are additional fees inquired for not having your pet properly microchipped.

During the month of June get 25% off all microchips at Mesa Veterinary Clinic and Paws N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Services. For more information, give us a call at 915-584-4491.

*Our clinics use Home Again microchips (https://public.homeagain.com/)

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