Why are exams so important?

Per state veterinary standards it is a requirement to perform an exam on any patient receiving vaccines. Our pets age at a more rapid rate than we do, and as such there may be significant changes in their health in a year or even six months’ time, which is why exams are extremely important. Even though your pet may seem healthy at home, any underlying conditions they have could be made worse or come to light after vaccination. Therefore, the doctor and veterinary nurse will check the following before administering vaccines:

  • Temperature
  • Hear Rate
  • Respirations
  • Body Condition
  • Dental Condition

Subtle changes in your pet’s behavior, such as eating habits and weight, may all indicate illness that may only be detected by performing bloodwork, which may be recommended by the doctor during an annual or bi-annual exam. Should an issue or concern arise during the exam, the doctor may find it necessary to delay vaccination until the problem is resolved to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible and does not have any adverse vaccine reaction.

By Kat Lopez, Director of Medical Services 11/2016

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