Why Spay/Neuter?

Spaying and Neutering is very important for numerous reasons!


Before you decide you’d like to breed your dog please consider that El Paso has a horrible overpopulation problem. Thousands of animals are euthanized annually because homes cannot be found for them.

Mammary &Testicular Cancer

Mammary tumors are the most common tumors seen in unspayed females. They can start as small nodules and grow into large ulcerated metastatic growths. Testicular tumors can become very enlarged and painful. Spaying and neutering significantly reduces the chance of your pet developing this condition.

Myth: females should have their first heat cycle before spaying

By spaying and neutering at or before 6 months, you can greatly reduce your pet’s risk for diseases such as mammary cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. There is absolutely no reason to wait until they have had their first heat cycle.


Pyometra is an infection of the uterus that can be life threatening if not discovered early. Spaying your pet eliminates this risk.

Not To Mention…

Delivery is not easy for many dogs and may require an expensive c-section.

Myth: animals feel sad if they aren’t allowed to mate.

Many animals are killed each year roaming the streets to mate. Females are often followed and harrassed by multiple male dogs during their heat cycle. Males often escape their yards to mate and are killed by cars or attacked by other dogs. By spaying and neutering, the urge to mate is completely removed from the animal. They no longer have the hormones, therefore the urge does not exist.

Save your pet and others by spaying and neutering today!

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