Winter Safety

The temperatures in the desert are finally cooling off! It feels amazing to us but can be harmful to our pets. To help keep everyone safe this winter follow these easy steps.

During the winter it is especially important to continually check the weather. When temperatures reach below freezing all pets need to be brought indoors where they can warm up. If a pet must be left outside make sure that their water stays fresh and not frozen. All outdoor pets need to have a warm place to sleep. A dog house is always a good choice. Make sure that it is not facing the wind and that there are no cracks where gusts of wind can get in. Blankets and beds are also much appreciated by your furry friends.

While outside with your pet watch for whining, shivering, slowing down, looking for places to burrow, and anxiety that could all be signs of frostbite or hypothermia. Frostbite is when the body pulls blood from the extremities to the core. Although it is very evident when happening in humans it is extremely difficult to tell when it happens to animals. Hypothermia occurs when the body is no longer able to sustain a normal body temperate. Signs of hypothermia can include shivering, depression, lethargy, and weakness. If you suspect either of these in your pet bring them indoors immediately and wrap them in a warm blanket or towel. Then call our friendly veterinarians.

In El Paso we have a large feral cat population. In the winter they have a bad habit of finding a warm place under the hood of your vehicle. When getting ready to leave bank on the hood or even honk the horn to ensure there are no cats.

We all enjoy cuddling up near a warm fire or an electrical heater. Keep an eye on your uncoordinated pets. They can easily get their tails burned by not understanding how hot these heat sources can get. They can also accidently knock over these heat sources and cause fires.

If you have any questions or suspect your pet has frostbite or hypothermia please contact us immediately at 915-584-4491.

By Monique Conway, Director of Public Contact 11/5/2014

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